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12 Hour California Online SB1176 Wet Reckless for Non-Residents


DUI in CALIFORNIA? SB 1176 Wet Reckless Program

CaliforniaNOT APPROVED for California residents or anyone with a valid California Driver's License. These courses are for out of state residents to meet court requirements only and are not accepted by the California DMV for California residents.

This 12 hour online DUI class meets requirements for out of state residents ONLY! Intended for non-residents who received a DUI in the State of California. YOU CANNOT TAKE THIS COURSE if you are a resident of California or plan on getting a California driver's license in the future. Also referred to as the SB 1176 Program, SB-1176 Alcohol Program, Wet-Reckless Program or the Wet Reckless Alcohol Program.

VICTIMS IMPACT PANEL INCLUDED: If you are required to attend a victims panel, this class has a FREE 60 minute Victims Impact Panel session included. You will receive an additional certificate of completion for the Victims Impact Panel.

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